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ссс.Необычные светильники

Timothy Horn.Необычные светильники

Timothy Horn, австралийский дизайнер.

Chandelier sculpture by Timothy Horn in the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Medusa (2006) by Timothy Horn

Details of Medusa from underneath

medusa” (detail shot from underneath) 2006, silicone rubber, copper tubing, fiber optics, 72 x 102 inches in diameter.



Medusa Installation

Medusa Installation

self portrait with edible chandelier - reflection


Stheno 2006
silicone rubber, copper tubing, fibre optics 152.0 h x 101.0 w x 101.0 d cm

Euryale, 2006
silicone rubber, copper tubing, lighting fixtures
60 x 42 inches in diameter

Silk Purse (sow's ear), 2005
transparent rubber
47 x 34 x 6 inches

---------Светильники в форме ювелирных украшений----------------

Timothy Horn, Nerites

Grand Noeud, 2009
nickel-plated bronze, mirrored blown glass
39 x 19 x 9.5 inches

Miranda, 2009
nickel-plated bronze, mirrored blown glass
51 x 27 x 9.5 inches

Spunk (Boy Germs), 2002
lead crystal, nickel-plated bronze, Easter egg foil, mirrored blown glass
54.25 x 19.75 x 7.75 inches


Timothy Horn - Sweet Thing (2008)

sweet thing” 2008, nickel-plated bronze and blown and mirrored glass, 60×44x9 inches


Glass slipper (ugly blister) 2001
lead crystal, nickel-plated bronze, Easter egg foil, silicon

A carriage made entirely out of rock candy.

19th-century zoologist Ernst Haeckle’s illustrations of jellyfish. horn’s massive rubber chandelier refers to the history of ornamentation based on nature and the mythological gorgon.
Эти люстры-медузы Хорна очень похожи на тех, которые есть в книге известного зоолога 19 века-Ernst Haeckle.
А так же будут еще картинки красивых светильников-медуз.

стеклянные медузы Blaschka ТУТ


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